Rising Down
Berlin, 2022

Keep Breathing [9.34 min]
Leeds, 2022

Berlin, 2020

Berlin, 2021
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Liminal Organs – installation details
In Excess exhibition, 3hd festival, Berlin, 2021

flux nX cusp [1h 20min]
In Excess exhibition, 3hd festival, Berlin 2021
Performed by Hannah Judd, Dasniya Sommer & nX

flux nX cusp
water bodies – performance details

Corridor [5.30 min]
Berlin, 2021
Looped video & audio (work in progress).

Thermal camera images, Leeds, 2020

I am an artist based in Berlin. My work is concerned with the body. Through performance, sculptural installations, photography, video, and occasionally sound, I explore embodied experience within the anthropocene. My interest in this extends to the psychological and sociocultural mechanisms behind the compulsive obfuscation of this situation so, to put it more bluntly, I am interested in what it feels like to be a conscious meat body existing through a mass extinction event. My creative practice is a process of mourning that seeks paths to acceptance of, and resituatuation within, anthropogenic catastrophe. I draw on a range of influences and practices—butoh dance, shibari (Japanese inspired rope bondage), ecology, hyperobjects, somatic trauma theory, memories, texts, improvisational movement, dialogue, touch—to intimately examine the texture of transitory moments through the stretching and blurring of physical and temporal borders, and to cultivate body/object ecotone spaces to explore communication, resistance and play.
In 2024, I founded kizuna/daruma in Berlin – a physical space for creative movement research and practice.


CV (selected)

MA – Fine Art (distinction), University of Leeds, 2022

flux nX cusp – Installation (‘In Excess’ group exhibition) + Performance (w/ Dasniya Sommer) | 3hd Festival, Berlin
Asia Argento: I’m Broken – music video

Materials! Sex! Heritage! seminar
 – Performance / discussion | University of Gothenburg
Mayfly – Performance + Installation (w/ Shantel Liao, Aleks Peksena, Robert Mirolo, Julia de Martino) | Karada House, Berlin
Petrichor – performance (w/ Ellis Hussey-Edmonds) | Royal College of Art, London
Hypnagogia – Performance for Ingrid Kraftchenko at FOLD, London Fashion Week
SORT – durational performance (6 hours) | The LNCC, London

 – performance (w/ Tam Engström) | Mainoeuvre gallery, Berlin
The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife – short film | Mainoeuvre gallery, Berlin
Gender Archive Exhibition (Berlin Art Week) – performance (w/ Tam Engström) | UY Studio
Adelaide Fringe Festival – performances (w/ Aoi Neko)
Spellbound – short film. Director: Ulrike Kaffei. | Produced at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Intimaterial conference
 – keynote presentation and performance | Royal College of Art, London
Justine – performance | Vertigo förlag, Malmö
Insen – performance | Eurix No. X, Berlin

Circle Drawing – Performance and performance relic for Mat Chivers. Harmonic Distortion exhibition | PM/AM gallery, London
Shibari – Performance (w/ Pedro Diniz Reis) [75 min] | Culturgest, Lisbon
The Realm of Shunga – Immersive theatre | London

Red Bind (Variation 2)
 – performance (w/ Marika Leila & Bruno Ducret) | Paris
Akechi Memorial – performance (w/ Pedro Diniz Reis) | Tokyo
Live at Studio 6 – performance | Tokyo

MEDIA (selected)
DADA Magazine (interview, Winter 2019) – DAZED (article on performance collaboration with Brooke Candy, January 2019) – Hart Magazine (December 2018) – The Opéra Magazine Vol. VI (September 2018) – VICE / Broadly (podcast interview, 2018) – Rollacoaster Magazine (Fall-Winter 2016) – Eikyo Magazine (Winter 2016) – Sang Bleu (2014)